About Us

For over two decades, Jayabharathi Constructions has established a reputation for delivering high-quality projects on time. The company has completed several prestigious projects, including Jaya Bharathi Gardens, Jaya Bharathi Meadows, Mount Meru Apartments, Jaya Bharathi's Kalpana, Jaya Bharathi's Sagar Heights, and ADR Jayabharathi Heights.

To date, the total construction area completed by Jayabharathi Constructions is approximately 600,000 square feet. However, the company's ambitious plans for the future include five new construction projects in different parts of the city, with a total construction area of 1,000,000 square feet. With these projects, Jayabharathi Constructions is poised for continued success and growth.

In addition to its work in Hyderabad, Jayabharathi Constructions has executed plotting projects in Bidar, Karnataka and Karimnagar. These projects reflect the company's commitment to excellence and innovation in construction and development.

The Management

Cheeti Prem Sagar Rao - CMD

Mr. C. Prem Sagar Rao (57), B.Sc, LLB, is our Chairman and Managing Director. Starting his career as an entrepreneur at the young age of 23, Mr. Rao, has managed a slew of successful businesses ranging from F&B, Hospitality, Finance Company, and Construction and Real Estate. He forayed into the Construction and Real Estate industries more 25 years ago and has continued to succeed remarkably, earning both the trust of his customers and appreciation by his peers. Cheeti Nikhitha – Executive Director

Cheeti Nikhitha – Executive Director

Ms. C. Nikhitha (30), B.E, MPP, is our Executive Director. Educated in CBIT and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. Nikhitha has started working as our ED after a brief career at the World Bank. An entrepreneur following in her father’s footsteps, she also runs a Skill Development business in partnership with the governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Cheeti Jayasree - Director

Mrs. C. Jayasree, coming from a long line of engineers, has been in the construction business for 25 years now. She runs a tight ship at Jayabharathi Constructions and manages and monitors all day to day activities related to the firm.